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A new system that removes pollutants from runoff...

Before it gets into your lakes and streams...

And it also removes pollutants from industrial wastewater.



 The Process of Producing Raynfiltr® Media

Peat has been long recognized as a material with the capability for removing water contaminants. As early as 1935 it was reported that exposing peat to hot sulphuric acid enhanced it's ability to remove heavy metals. Environmental Filtration, Inc. employs this principal as the first step in the manufacturing of Raynfiltr® Media. After the moisture has been reduced a binder is added and the mixture is extruded into pellets. The pellets are heated in the absence of oxygen, and firing the pellets giving them the additional characteristic of Activated Carbon. The size selection of the pellets allow for a variable flow rate, compared to conventional activated carbon media. Environmental Filtration, Inc. has recieved a patent process.

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